This Is Something You Must Understand Before Diving Into The 3 Phases
The 3 Advertising Phases With ZERO Invested To 1 Million In Sales In 5 Months

I know, it sounds crazy to be able to create a online store and be selling the next day. But hey! The Huffington Post Article Did it too! Got my social media accounts setup, and decided to begin my legendary conquest of breaking 12k. To achieve this, I decided to focus my efforts on one particular social media channel. 

My plan of attack was to direct message and email relevant instagram influencers or fan pages and get them to join me. And by join me, I mean to become part of my “sales team” aka affiliate marketing. Luckily, the shopify app store has several options for integrating an affiliate program with your store. You can then setup your own terms and commission structure. I chose to go with affiliatly, I’m not really sure why I chose them in the first place, but it seemed like the right choice at the time, probably cause they have a 30 day free trial. Yup, still ZERO invested at this point and I’m still using them.
So all I had to do, was to simply get influencers or fan pages to sign up to my affiliate program. Not hard right? Well, not exactly easy, as it was time consuming and faced plenty of rejection. At this point in time, I refused to do any upfront paid shoutouts, I wanted these people to prove their worth, plus they had an opportunity to earn more than they would have with one paid shoutout. My loss is their gain right? But… doing this ensured that I did not incur any risk.
Rinse and repeat (I would like to emphasize here that I was on my phone and computer for 10+ hour workdays if not more due to all the back and forth communication)

Fast forward to halfway through the month, I had already conquered the 12k mark and pushed through to my first 4k in sales in one day. Oh, and I was at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas for 5 days (for those that don’t know, it’s arguably the largest music festival in the western hemisphere) . So yeah, I was busy dancing at that time. But I still had to process orders on Oberlo during my downtime in the hotel (I did not have a VA (Virtual Assistant) at the time).
And after returning, I resumed my conquest to now reach an extended goal of 60k in sales. Again, rinse and repeat baby!

By the end of the month, I had gone crazy, sure I was happy that my experiment went amazingly well, but there had to be a way to automate some of this. I decided to go out to and find myself a VA. I happened to strike gold with a VA that had previous experience using shopify, oberlo, customer support, and well… just everything I needed help with at that time. By the next day, she was handling all those tasks that I did not want to do like a boss so I could simply focus on IG marketing.

Then I thought to myself, this method would suck to scale higher. I was doing this experiment to free myself from a 9-5 forever, not put myself back into one. Luckily, I happened to watch a webinar that gave enough gold without buying into a course that was several thousand dollars at the time which covered Facebook ads. I took the knowledge that I learned from that webinar and decided to apply it to my business. Fortunately, I was smart enough to install the magical Facebook Pixel when I originally setup my store. Meaning: this whole time, Facebook was picking up intelligence on my visitors and customers. My theory at the time was that I could simply apply what I learned on the webinar to my store, and I should be able to scale
July 2016 was going to be an exciting month, and perhaps one of my favorite month’s to date just because of how much I learned. With my trusty VA by my side, I could focus on learning the in’s and outs of Facebook ads, and adding new products to test. So without hesitation, I set a lofty goal to DOUBLE my sales from last month’s 60k. The fact is, I surprised myself the last month, so I figured if I kept the same mindset, I could achieve 120k. Besides, the Oberlo blog had a story about a guy who achieved 1 million in sales in 8 months.

Time to put my theory to the test…
And long story short, it worked!

And I did it much more freely than the previous month. I achieved FREEDOM from the 9-5. The lifestyle people dream of. Especially cause I got very few responsibilities. No house, no tie downs, just a girlfriend and small little doggy.
I traveled around the US for fun and enjoyed two consecutive weeks in New York City and Colorado while making money 24/7. It was during that time I achieved my first 10k (which was technically 11k) day in sales. It was surreal when I hit it, while watching the ocean waves in the harbor of NYC with my best friend on a summer night. It was quiet too, probably cause there were no poke stops at the edge, and by poke stops, I mean the Pokemon Go craze was at it’s peak during this time so everyone was out walking!
Halfway through the month, I had already conquered my 120k mark and decided to again have an extended goal. 200k seemed reasonable so I shot for that.
I then expanded my Facebook ads to target more countries one by one which worked so well that I ended up with 240k in sales to close out July 2016.  And yes, this means I sell worldwide! Why limit yourself to just your own country?
So now having two “experiments” gone wildly successful, I figured, why not diversify some more by doing things that I know worked in the past for previous businesses? I then proceeded to add Pinterest traffic to the mix. Lucky for me, I was quick to automate this process which gave me OVER 200k backlinks by October. For those that don't know what those are, they are url's linking back to your website.

During this time, I also realized I was missing out on a large chunk of income that I was leaving on the table, that being email marketing.
I decided to finally send out my first email campaign with Mailchimp for this business. That went well despite not knowing what I was doing. I simply focused on image heavy emails with little text. After all, it’s easier to sell to customers that either opted in because they were interested, or existing customers. Hint: Your email box is a goldmine of examples!

In addition to all of that, it struck me one day to use multiple facebook fan pages to funnel into my main general store. Thankfully curating content and scheduling it all in advance was easy due to a tool I have used in the past for a previous business! Doing this engages your audience, builds your pages, and ultimately turns them into customers. Win win for everyone, give them fun content, and you get sales!

Then, it was all about how far could I scale this business! Was it a matter of just throwing more money at advertising? Kind of… sort of… it was about taking calculated risks, which thankfully with data available, was easy for me to do. This business turned me into a real data whore.
I Got Smarter
In addition to all of that, it struck me one day to use multiple facebook fan pages to funnel into my main general store. Thankfully curating content and scheduling it all in advance was easy due to a tool I have used in the past for a previous business! Doing this engages your audience, builds your pages, and ultimately turns them into customers. Win win for everyone, give them fun content, and you get sales!

Then, it was all about how far could I scale this business! Was it a matter of just throwing more money at advertising? Kind of… sort of… it was about taking calculated risks, which thankfully with data available, was easy for me to do. This business turned me into a real data whore.

Also during this phase, a lot of personal development took place during this time to reach an “illuminati level status of facebook advertising” Spoiler Alert: Facebook changes all the time so you have to adapt frequently. I researched and TESTED a lot to weed out what actually works for me and what doesn't.
Then October rolled around, I hit my 1st million in Sales. I beat the guy in Oberlo article by 3 months. Take that! So what was next? Well, for whatever reason, enough is never enough when you are a goal setter. Not that I needed more money, I simply enjoyed the challenge at this point! So now I wanted to see if I could do it faster.

The rest as they say, was history and history has a tendency to repeat itself. Only, I intended for it to be faster! And as you may now realize, I had the Oberlo guy doubled by 8 months! Victory was mine to bask in with unlimited tacos.
But How Much Did You Profit Boy??!!
Well that's an answer only I know for the exact number after doing P&L statements. But let me do the math for you!
Facebook LIVE Video Of One Of My Adsets
I know I said, average of around $3.00 per purchase. My adset here clearly SLAYS that and these results are unheard of in the industry, but guess what? I like to defy what is thought possible! And this is Autobidding, not even manual bidding! (don't worry if you have no idea what the hell I just said)
What Exactly Did I Need To Run An Online Store?
I Did Not Need
  •  A large load of capital or startup money
  •  My own products
  •  Supplier "connections"
  •  Coding experience
  •  Previous Internet marketing experience 
I Needed
  •  The absolute drive to run my own company and be profitable
  • A minimum of 2-3 hours a week AFTER I built momentum and outsourced (you'll probably end up WANTING to actually spend more time)
  •  Internet access (you probably have this if you're reading this)
  •  Computer & Smartphone with the previously mentioned requirement ;)
Ever Thought About Opening Up Brick And Mortar Store?
If you've dared to look into starting up a brick and mortar (physical store) like your local mom and pop shops down the street, you know that...
  •  REQUIRES a HUGE capital upfront investment or a Loan from the bank which is a NO NO. McDonalds for example requires a minimum of 950k to 2.3 Million to START and... Franchise fees AND 4% of gross sales. 
  •  There are ASTRONOMICAL challenges and RISKS.
  •  Don't even get me started on this... but GIANT OVERHEAD COSTS!
  •  You're tied down to the store as long as it's open! (most businesses fail in 2 years)
I don't know about you, but that sounds kinda uhh... not fun?
What's Next?
Well, you can take the information I just gave you and take massive action like I did! I gave you a lot more information than what I had to work off of in the original Huffington Post article.  Yeah... pretty much gave you my entire framework! Remember guys/gals, I HAD NO MENTOR, no courses bought, no nothing to achieve this all from the state of IOWA. Yes, the place where there are cornfields, and more hogs than humans. Very few entrepreneurs, and the ones that are around are more "wannapreneurs" Nothing about me was special, just the absolute desire to not work for anyone and the fear of going back to a 9-5. Everybody has their why, my why ran deeper than that. Ask yourself what yours is.
Do You Have A Course J Keitsu?
Yeah I do, and it's priced to actually help you out, not put you in debt. Sure you're probably willing to put loads more money into college which guarantees you no job, and 5 figures in debt minimum because that is what you've been told your whole life.  Oh and even if you have a job, what guarantees you will have a job tomorrow? + The age of automation is here and coming for you! But guess what? I'm offering you access to my FULL COURSE OF  EVERYTHING I DID TO MAKE MY FIRST 2 MILLION AND WHAT I AM DOING TODAY IS IN THERE STEP BY STEP!  + ACCESS TO MY FACEBOOK GROUP OF 7000+ Members! 
I'm Going To Let My Students Do The Talking
Whether it's big time results, the first sale, or a veteran of the game providing advice
Personally though... I LOVE when students post on my group or snap me personally of their 1st sale the most!
Yes, my Facebook group is incredibly active and helpful! I chime in all the time plus other veterans who have been doing it for a while. 
Which One Are You?
I am a NOOB to E-Commerce
Great! You're definitely in the right place. I can assure you that most if not all the guesswork of starting an online store is eliminated for you in my step by step course. And if for some reason if not in my course, it's probably been covered in my VIP student Facebook group of 1400+ active members which I am also active in. Just TAG me to get access to me. It's that simple.

I'll guide you through setting up a store, branding, selecting products, and ultimately the most important thing of all, marketing. If you cannot market how can you expect ANY business to survive? I'll be super straight forward with you! The way technology is now, just about anyone can setup a store online with ease now, but the one thing that defines the successful businesses from the failed ones is MARKETING. This course above all things, is about driving that traffic to your store. 

So my course definitely does not stop after creating a store and choosing your products! You don't need any experience in this field, and most of all you don't need to bother a single person you know! I'm going to teach you how to sell WORLDWIDE to people you'll most likely never meet without touching a single product!
I Already Have A Store
Congrats on already taking action! If you're reading this, my guess is that you probably  are struggling with getting hordes of website traffic or are looking for additional strategies to boost your overall revenue.  There is also a chance you may have chose the wrong products to sell which can doom you from the start. You don't want to be that person that is doomed from the start without knowing it! Not to mention I have some students that have joined that have completely turned their existing businesses around!

Above all else, this course is about marketing. As you already know, no eyeballs on your site = no sales. This is the #1 skill that you MUST master in order to be successful here in addition to testing more products. I go over my 3 phases in depth with all of my personal settings and step by step videos to assist visual learners.

Not to mention the HUGE list of free resources as well as software that I currently use TODAY that helps me conquer marketing more efficiently and effectively!

Learn from someone who is actively in the trenches daily with you. Just TAG me in my VIP Facebook group and I'll be happy to respond to your questions. I'm extremely active on my group as well as other students!

A Word From Eric (Formerly A Corporate Lawyer)
Pick Your Course!
Any of these are for GO GETTERS ONLY! If you're a quitter and not a go getter I don't want you to waste time or money. Take a second to observe and analyze your past behaviors when it comes to learning new things.
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